Food Safety

Quality Assurance & Food Safety

Create‐A‐Pack’s 10 person Quality Assurance team of food safety professionals and on‐staff microbiologist ensure that quality is a priority every day. Product Specifications are verified and documented during the batching, blending, packaging, storage and shipment processes. These programs and procedures are further detailed in our SOPs, SSOPs, Machine Setup Instructions, Laboratory Analysis Specification Sheets and Product Check Sheets.

To ensure that Specifications, Quality, and Food Safety are all achieved, every batch, line samples and finished good samples are inspected before any product is shipped to our customers. We take quality and consistency to the extreme because we believe they are our customer’s greatest attributes. The integrity and confidentiality of your products are held the highest esteem. As we partner together with you towards continuous improvement, we work to ensure your greatest level of satisfaction for your continued success.

At Create‐A‐Pack Foods, we believe that true quality means more than just achieving regulatory and customer requirements. It means being driven by continuous improvement while maintaining robust, GFSI compliant food safety and quality HACCP programs.

Quality Certifications & Registrations

We practice certifiable quality assurance and food safety from top to bottom.

Create‐A‐Pack Foods specializes in the manufacturing and packaging of both liquid and dry food products. We are a full cooking, processing, blending, and packaging facility that utilizes the 21 CFR guidelines as well as SQF 2000 Level 3 Requirements to produce safe, quality, consistent product for our customers. By fulfilling key industry standard requirements at a maximum level, Create‐A‐Pack meets the highest level of expectations.

Create‐A‐Pack Foods is:

  • Licensed as a Low Acid, Acidified Food Plant with the FDA
  • Licensed as a Food Manufacturer through Wisconsin Dept. of Agriculture
  • SQF 2000 (GFSI) Certified Level 3
  • Certified Kosher (by item)
  • Certified Organic (by item)
  • Certified Gluten‐free (by item) GFSI/SQF 2000 Level 3 Certified

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is a world‐wide recognized standards organization that has established food safety benchmarks since the year 2000. Create‐ A‐Pack is proud to announce its compliance with the GFSI’s highest comprehensive food safety and quality management system. Kosher, Organic, Gluten‐free and All Natural Create‐A‐Pack has also been established as a food manufacturer capable of certifying both Kosher, Organic, Gluten‐free and All Natural foods. Whether it is Dry (spice blends, powder drink mix, baby cereal) or Wet (sauces, dressing, etc.), rest assured your Kosher and Organic needs are met at the highest specification.

Food Safety

The overall policies, procedures, methods and practices of the business are designed to meet our ongoing company goal to provide safe, quality products while meeting the FDA 21 CFR and GFSI requirements for the products produced at our facilities.

Our Food Safety Plans use the HACCP model and SQF standards to achieve, verify and validate that the products we produce maintain safety specifications during every step of the production process.