Custom Food Development

Custom Food Contract Manufacturing

Because we are a global supplier whose mission is to provide strong customer focus and safe quality products, we employ our own professional Research and Development (R&D) team to assist our customers with custom food development. Our on‐staff food scientist works with our customer to meet their needs while ensuring the proper internal processes are developed, followed and verified.

Create‐A‐Pack places enormous importance on applying our vast knowledge and experience to create custom food innovations for customers that help them grow new and existing opportunities. We leverage our range of pilot equipment to help you resolve custom food development projects, increase economically into production and take advantage of new market possibilities.

Further, Create‐A‐Pack is the perfect place to develop new food product ideas. Our experienced personnel lends their food development expertise across a wide range of ingredient groups to help you create innovative blends, and to solve any production challenges. We stay abreast of the latest trends in the food ingredient industry to give us the knowledge to implement best practices for your food blending challenges.

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